Memberships run from March 1 to Feb 28 and must be renewed annually.

Currently becoming a member is FREE. All we ask is for you to email and let us know:

  • your name
  • address
  • phone number
  • number of people in your household (total)
  • number of children under the age of 18

We hold all information in the strictest confidence and will never share it with any parties.

Enjoy the Benefits of becoming a Community Member
  • Opportunities to connect with other community members
  • Vote on community issues at our AGM (must be a resident of Banff Trail)
  • Access  well-maintained community facilities
  • Receive email updates and information about upcoming events (optional)
Participate in some of our great community activities
  • Harvest Festival
  • Stampede BBQ
  • Monthly Board Games Night
  • Neighbour Day
  • Christmas Sing a Long
  • Community Clean Up
  • Garden Club
  • Other fantastic programs offered at the community hall