Banff Trail Community AGM – Saturday Sept 19


We invite all residents to the BTCA AGM! Do you have ideas on how to improve our community? Do you have a strong vision on community development? Would you like to volunteer and get to know your community better? Come out and get involved!
Saturday Sept 19, 10 AM at the Banff Trail Community Centre
2115 20 Ave NW

Neighbour Day – Saturday June 22


Neighbour day is next Saturday June 20. Unfortunately, this year we won’t be able to hold our usual celebration at the community centre, but we would like to encourage all our neighbours to participate in spreading kindness and celebrate our community.

Check our poster for some ideas, or share some of your own!

Please Take Care of Yourself and Your Neighbours

2020.Covid-19 PosterWe encourage everyone who is healthy and able to help their neighbours during this time when we could all use a hand. This could include helping get medication, groceries, walking a pet, or even just a chat on the phone.

Please consider printing the attached document, adding your information, and drop it off in a neighbour’s mailbox or in the lobby of your apartment building.

We understand that many of our residents may not be online, so please help spread the word!

As our mayor encourages, “Clean hands, clear heads, open hearts”

Soccer Co-ordinator Needed for 2021 Season


Our soccer program has developed to what it is as a result of the incredible efforts of our soccer co-ordinator. Sadly, she is stepping away after this season but is willing to mentor someone and pass on all of her knowledge, tips, and tricks.

We are looking for someone to take over the position going forward.

At this point we are looking at three options:
1. A new volunteer co-ordinator steps forward
2. Hiring a new co-ordinator, resulting in increased fees & expenses
3. Not running soccer in the 2021 season

If you’re interested in this volunteer position or are looking for more information, please contact:

Featured Community Artist – Terese Mullin

Continuing our local artist series, our next artist is Terese Mullin.

Artist Statement & Bio:
My practice involves the exploration of time and health, specifically examining my ephemeral experience with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), which involves chronic pain, restricted activity and mobility. Choosing a positive approach, I celebrate and indulge in movement and a defiance of RA. Through my materials, I reference the invisible nature of the disease as well as the transience and uncertainty which are a part of the experience. The materials allow me to make something permanent out of the ephemeral.

I am a Contemporary artist living in Calgary, Alberta with my partner and my two most precious creations. I graduated with distinction from The Alberta College of Art and Design, now known as Alberta University of the Arts, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. I have exhibited internationally and locally and enjoy teaching fine arts to children.

To see more of my work, visit me at

For more frequent updates on my studio progress and process, find me on Instagram

For enquiries, contact me at

Howler me1


howler me2

howler me3

howler me4

Terese Mullin Feb 2020 Howler 5
Now (alternate view)

Banff Trail residents interested in having their work featured can send inquiries or submissions to Terese Mullin at