Featured Community Artist – Charlie Healey

Continuing our local artist series, our next artist is Charlie Healey

Healey is currently studying at The Alberta University of the Arts. You can find her work at charliehealey.com and on Instagram: @charliehealeyphoto.

“Self” and “Brother” as part of a series titled “Family Portraits”

This series showcases the trauma caused by a mother plagued with addiction and how she was eventually overcome by her illness, thus becoming distant from her children. All the photos were once cherished memories but later developed into reminders of the horror that is my mother. In the pictures, my mother looks as if she is looking to bond with her children, but the wire is keeping her from achieving this. The photos now remind me of the trauma and hardships created by my mother which have had an everlasting effect on my siblings and I.

charley healey Self


charley healey Brother


Banff Trail residents interested in having their work featured can send inquiries or submissions to Terese Mullin at tereseamullin@gmail.com